ChIlD’s PlAy…♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

Happy Wednesday! Oopsie, I meant to say Thursday! Sometimes, I seriously love losing tract of time.

Hmmm. ..Have you ever wondered, if there’s a survey/quiz you can take, that will tell you if you have a playful attitude. … or something like that? Any chance you’ve taken one? Years ago I wrote my Thesis on the”Importance of Children’s Play”. For me the definition of play is simple: a pleasurable activity.

It’s sort of humorous to think, that I did so much research work,  just to show the importance of incorporating play throughout our  lives. Silly, silly,  me.

And,  even though competition has its place, that’s not the kind of play I’m referring to. There is a difference between play,  and games.

Of course, a game is bound by rules,  and may be often anything but pleasurable. ( grim, grin)

Also, games are entered into for the sole purpose of winning. And,  by their very essence, are competitive, and aggressive. ( grim,  grin X 2)

                      Play, on the other hand is by its very nature CrEaTiVe.. Now we’re talking!

So….dear reader, guess what…. today’s post is dedicated to play! Oh,  and of course to all of you who know that at times, how hard it is to play, have fun, and just enjoy life.

Goodness,  I meant to share with you about an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party I once hosted.

Which of course was definitely lots of fun sweat, and very hard play work.


GiGgLe. … GiGgLe,

                                           Xoxo. ..

Pleasure is not a reward for something we do. It  is the most essential experience of our living.
 The real indicator of high functioning and wholeness is experiencing joy.
~Rokelle Lerner

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