A Cottage Garden Tour (Summer)

“Loveliest of lovely things are they on earth that soonest pass away. The rose that lives it’s little hour is prized beyond the sculptured flower.”
-William Cullen Bryant

Hello, sweet friend…


Summering up the garden with Rosemary & Thyme 🐝

Living on the Oregon coast in the summer for me…means romancing the outdoors.


That being said…I thought the first day of summer would be perfect for taking you around the garden.


Gerbera & lace

Come let’s stroll in a small cottage garden together…


I will create a decorative bouquet just for you…🐝





These exuberant old fashioned pink roses in full bloom celebrate the joy of summer. I’ve often wondered if the first owner…perhaps someone who worked at the old lumber mill…& handmade this cottage…planted these lovely roses…

would have ever imagined that this cottage garden would one day be…painted pink

cared for to it’s fullest🐝






Through the looking glass🐝

Summer unfolds it’s splendor…




My cherished white wicker for outdoor seating🐝






An unsolicited photo of me playing with Darjeeling🌻

A summer bouquet from my cutting garden💐

Happy Summer!


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Music…My Father…and…The Piano🎶


“Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, and singers of song.”

-Pam Brown



Hello, sweet friend…

This past week the weather has been beautiful…



I’ve been enjoying the art…

of creating a beautiful garden



around my sweet cottage.


However with Father’s Day just around the corner…


I thought I’d share a memory of my wonderful father.


One of the reasons I love to blog…

is that I enjoy talking😂

 telling stories.



more specifically sharing them…


I must confess the intro to this post has been edited several times.


I found myself in a quandry about writing “certain” things. Things of the heart are sometimes difficult to share.



Perhaps because it makes me feel a tiny bit vulnerable…


To make a long story short…while deciding what to leave or take for my move to the Oregon coast…




I decided to let go of everything. Which included a beloved baby grand piano from my childhood. Letting go of things can be difficult, and should never be confused with the loving memory.



The piano had been a gift from my father when I was 14 years old.



A part of my life for over 40 years… He loved singing.. I loved playing.




Up until my move to the coast…wherever I moved… the piano moved with me…


I knew that our home on the coast was going to be a whole new experience. uncertain as it seemed…I was looking forward to trying something different.


And, of course there was the space factor. There wouldn’t be room in our small cottage so I’d have to store it. The piano wasn’t intended to be stored. It was meant to be used, loved, cherished. 


So, anyway… it wasn’t an easy decision…

The interesting thing is that no sooner had I arrived in my new home…I met someone who had mentioned she didn’t want her piano anymore…it could be mine if I moved it.

Within 24 hours I had found someone to move it. 



I now have an upright piano that sits against the wall. It fits perfectly. Ironically, It’s almost identical to the very first piano that I ever had…



One which sat in the garage when my parents moved into their new home years ago. My mom didn’t want it in their new house…so they moved it into the garage. I would go in the garage every day and practice. (while my father sang)

Sort of funny how life weaves around us in mysterious ways…





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My SuMmEr VaCaTiOn In ArGeNtInA…


This is a re-edited post from June 2014

Welcome to Marcia’s cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea…

H0w’s your week going? Today I’m planning on taking a few bags of items to a the Salvation Army donation center.  Then, if time permits I “might” go swimsuit shopping.  This is sort  of funny… But I think I accidently gave mine away….


For me the summer means frequenting the beach… and going on vacation. Currently any long distance travels are on hold…since it is difficult for me to leave our four furry kids. Yep, very hard…. especially little Cami.  ♡

However, there was a time when we had only the two kids. .. (Teah & Earl) and when the summer meant….

“get the passport ready!”


Two years after we were married Joe and I traveled to Argentina. The trip was a dream come true for us since Buenos Aires is the Paris of South America…and the summer before we had enjoyed our trip to Paris very much, we thought “well…why Not?”….(smile)

When we arrived at the Hotel Bristol we were greeted by our tour guide Hernan (pronounced Ernan) Hernan was so nice, friendly,  and lOVED

That first evening over dinner he shared with us what a treat we had in store touring his beloved country. ♡


In the Pan American Hotel, we had a birds eye view of Buenos Aires.  Hernan  pointed out government buildings,  and  Port Madera. Which was a new port with modern buildings, and rows,  and rows of wonderful restaurants.


We drove to Central Buenos Aires, and saw Casa Rosada. The Pink Presidential Palace


Another day of our tour, we spent time in La  Boca.   This is where the Tango got it’s start. That evening we  enjoyed dinner,  and watched a real live performance of the Tango, at its birthplace.



We loved the Palermo, a beautiful, upscale neighborhood area in Buenos Aires.


In Palermo, I found a custom tailor, who made me a leather jacket. 


 San Telmo is another beautiful area in Buenos Aires.


On a Sunday,  we went to their wonderful flea market. We walked around the marketplace, enjoying the many artisans selling their handmade items.


We also visited the Recoleta.  Here we saw a beautiful chapel, and mausoleums with extremely ornate graves.  This is where Eva Peron is buried.


Hernan said that the people in Argentina “love to cry” and that everytime he goes with his mother,  to his father’s grave—

They CrY and CrY, and CrY…..In Argentina,  crying is an enjoyable past time.


Personally, of all the places we visited, I especially enjoyed our day at a Gaucho Ranch.


We were welcomed with fresh empanadas. Delish! And then we went horse back riding


I’m way over to the left.

Me and Joe. ..

Thanks Hernan! You have a beautiful country. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Well, don’t cry for me dear friend, but I’m off to find myself a new swimsuit.


Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed your visit. Have a lovely day.


Xoxo. ..



“Don’t you want a vacation, Mr. Gandhi?”
“I’m always on vacation”

Hello, from the Oregon coast…where I vacation everyday.🐳


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Walking a Labyrinth

Hello, I hope you had a wonderful week.


I’ve been taking advantage of the beautiful weather… working around the garden…& walking the beaches. I think you will enjoy today’s post… 🐝 especially if you can’t walk the beach each day. Today you will get a little sand between your toes, and a little beach in your heart.

perhaps even walk away with a little beach philosophy for everyday life🐳





Walking a Labyrinth


Marcia Ren

Published July 2016







Denny Dyke creates labyrinths…


he is very good at it.🐠




🐟No doubt in my mind this guy is talented.🐡




I introduced myself mentioning I was a newbie to the Oregon coast…write a blog and was interested in learning a little about him. He was extremely helpful with sharing about himself.




Two things I’ll share…

First, he’s from California. (grin)


(and I must admit most amazing)

is that he mentioned that he never knows what he’s going to create.




He just begins.




And, on the 4th of July Denny drew his longest labyrinth here on the Oregon coast.🐬




I made sure to get up early to watch as he drew…

and his groomers groomed.




I’ve walked a labyrinth several times before when I lived in California.





I’ve never been fortunate enough to watch as one was being created.





you have experienced a labyrinth walk before…






A labyrinth is not a maze or a puzzle to be solved but a path of meaning to be experienced.




It’s path is circular…

often convoluted…

and never has a dead end.




An interesting thing about a labyrinth…

is that they have only one entrance…

one way in and one way out.🐠




As you walk the path you go around short curves…

and long curves…

sometimes you find yourself on the inner edge…

other times you will circle around the center.




You can’t get lost during a labyrinth walk…


very frequently you experience the feeling of not quite knowing where you are going.




As I was walking…

I often moved with ease…

and felt confidant as I moved forward.




And, then there were other times…

when the path seemed a little blurred…

and I found myself moving more cautiously.




Occasionally I needed to stop, reflect, and allow others to go ahead. By the time I approached it’s center I realized that the walk had taken me through all sorts of twists, and turns.




Sometimes I shared my path with another…

and other times…

I had been walking alone🐡




At the heart of my walk I experienced life in it’s richest form. An experience which that often at times what appears to be an ending point, is often only the beginning of another.

Happy beginning to a great weekend. ..

I’ll be in the garden🐝
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Turn up the music…♡


“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.”

-Fabienne Fredrickson


The following post has been re-edited


Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. ♡ Shall we have a little tea. ..♡


Aren’t these the sweetest teacups. …

One of my greatest pleasures on a large or small scale, is to prepare a beautiful tea party. ♡

All the thought, planning, effort, ingenuity, and creativity that goes into each party is my way of showing appreciation for friendships and love.


Celebrations enlarge my capacity for JOY. I love everything about planning an event. By remaining  focused on my good feelings and my pleasurable purpose things seem to fall into place rather Sweetly. 

I devote myself to these events as a way of celebrating life. Serving wonderful food, seeing a beautiful table, thinking about what others would enjoy is a way for me to show that I hold others sacred.



I LOVE to create a palette for the table by selecting colorful accessories from a collection I have lovingly gathered over the years. A Tea Celebration is a wonderful opportunity to let the energy  flow wherever it seems most natural. 


I love the way the house feels when it’s dressed for company; our Cottage seems to smile. Everything shines brightly.



There are a zillion details, but that’s just part of the pleasure.



This was a retirement tea party that I hosted for my friend Lillian. I had so much fun planning the decorations for the table.



Special little “Dream” bracelets for each guest.



(you can make an easy version of this Victorian cake by preparing a regular cake mix…clotted cream…and your favorite strawberry/raspberry preserves.)

Both the food and it’s presentation are very important to me in creating an inspiring, celebratory atmosphere. I love making celebrations so much that I refuse to make them too complicated for comfort. Can I share a little secret with you. .. I ALWAYS pace myself. I believe that the most charming rooms are created with a sense of ease in the details.



I find I have infinite energy and concentration when I do something I really want to do.♡ I guess you could say it’s my passion. I’m wondering if there is something you enjoy  my friend…♡ Perhaps there is a hobby that you enjoy… One that your passionate about. …



If you do, make sure to turn up it’s music….


Thank you for our special time together today. I hope you enjoyed your visit. Have a lovely day.




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