The Getaway

“Every change of scene becomes a delight.”~Seneca


The opportunity to appreciate, love, and enjoy what we have is a gift. For me this especially applies to my home. My home makes me come alive. It is my passion cottage garden

With that said a change of scenery can be a good thing because it shifts how you see things.

Mini adventures can set you on a new path and give you a fresh vantage point with your life and home.

 I recently returned from a little getaway (not too far away)

and just far enough to take a breather from all the little projects that (I tend to obsess about) keep calling out to me here at my cottage.

Summers are wonderful on the Oregon coast. I think they might be my favorite time of year. With the mild temps I really long to stay put.

I am charmed by the coziness of cooler weather.

My getaway took me to much warmer weather (hot)

I enjoyed several days of the warmer sunshine

Relaxing by the pool

A little window shopping

Discovering new trendy restaurants

(and enjoying the old familiar favorite ones)

taking in those spots

and shops that are no where to be found where I live on the coast

I returned home feeling refreshed and  seeing the cottage in a different way.

It was as if I was encouraged by that little getaway to lighten my spirit and walk through my home with new eyes.

Taking full advantage of this chance to look at my life and home with a new perspective.

I returned from this little journey with a new spark and creativity asking myself

what if I painted that bedroom door a different color?

Or perhaps I should experiment with re~arranging a few pieces of furniture in the living room?

(Should I paint that chair again?)

Or what if I hung those watercolor paintings on the wall to create the look of a mini art gallery?

Or perhaps even more importantly….

What if I believed that transformation and creativity

make dreams come true?




Looking forward to hearing about your little get~aways.

Blessings for the new month of July!

With July 4th around the corner here’s a mini trifle recipe I created

Marcia’s Trifle for Two (if you feel like sharing)


mini pound cakes

vanilla yogurt

1-2 bananas

blueberries (I used a small package)

red raspberries (again 1 small package)

whip cream

*and/or whatever else you might want to add


Place the cake down first. Add one cup yogurt & a dollop (or two) of whip cream. Continue with a handful of blueberries, & raspberries. Place another cake down and repeat with layering yogurt, whip cream, then bananas, berries. Continue process until container is filled. I was lucky to have the perfect trifle container for two (aka vase) What I like about this recipe is that you are free to add any fruit in season & make it exactly how you like.

bon appetit!



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A Summer Cottage By The Sea

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather recognizing and appreciating what we do have.” ~Frederick Keonig

Hello my sweet friends. Happy Summer!



As I write today’s post I’m heading out for a mini get~away.

 So mini that more than likely I  will have returned home by the time you even stop by for a visit hereyou won’t even know I have been gone




 Before I left I had been busily working in the garden.

Season by season everything seems to be evolving


It’s delightful to experience how things are coming together

I’m not sure if I ever showed you the New England arbors I had installed

or the arbor in back with a new bird bath

The window box built earlier in the year is looking wonderful

and the roses have been blooming on and off for months

This pink rose bush is my favorite. I have no idea the name of it, do you? however the scent is absolutely intoxicating. I think the bush might have been planted way back when this cottage was lovingly handcrafted. (grin)

Oh! and my pink hydrangeas which are now blue  were planted when I first moved here almost two years ago! ( I really can’t believe that this amount of time has passed already) are as happy as ever.

and of course




Wishing you all the joys of the summer season

btw….how’s your garden coming along?

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Art As Life: A Parisian Folly


“To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.”

Henry David Thoreau

Earlier in the week as I was  getting ready for a bike ride I noticed a beautiful rose peering through an opening in the fence. as if calling out to me It was such a simple lovely moment, and yet it made feel  abundantly rich. I decided to capture it.

The two of us stood holding hands for a long moment. clickityclickityclickclickclick 


That magical moment reminded me of yet another memorable life experience which had occurred years before while visiting the Musee d’Orsay art museum in Paris, France and experienced the  beautiful impressionist paintings by Monet.

It was a fabulous experience.  Viewing art can be similar to how we view our lives. A painting might look dull or boring in a book, but when viewed close up and you are able to see the fine brush strokes, different textures, along with its varied dimensions…

It is a masterpiece.  just  like our own life At times it is helpful to step back a bit to get a different and new perspective. ditto on life 

And as you very well know by now (unless this is your first visit here)

Home is where I thrive and have been fortunate to find my truer self. it’s my art canvas 

It’s where I enjoy creating comfort and charm in simplicity of form, or a casual atmosphere.

During my ride I kept thinking of that rose. The unique way it shined through the fence.

It was it’s own piece of art.

I thought about how each of us are an artist, we are free to create from the heart.

We can share what we’ve experienced and where we’ve been.

 But most importantly we can reflect what we want our home lives to feel like when we are close up and safe inside and what we hope the bigger picture will look like…

as we step back and see how our efforts inspire our lives and the lives of others.

Wishing you a fabulous weekend.

Muffin Cherry Pie (original recipe from delish) I changed a few things. What I really liked about this recipe (besides being super easy & delicious) was that I was able to make 6 mini pies & save the remainder of pie crust along with the cherry filling for another time.


1 Jar cherry pie filling

1 packaged ritz pie shell

Spray a muffin tin with nonstick spray.

Use the rim of a glass to cut large circles into pie crust (they should be big enough to line the whole muffin cup). Press crust into muffin tins and & the sides. Spoon over filling until each is full.

Roll out remaining scraps of pie crust and slice into lattice strips with a pizza cutter or knife. Make a crosshatch crust/trim excess. Brush tops with milk and sprinkle with sugar

Bake at 350 for 23-25 minutes. Let cool slightly,then remove from muffin tin & serve

Below is a video of a wonderful spot I often ride my bike to.

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Come Sail Away With Me

“If your going through difficult times today, hold steady. It will change soon. If you are experiencing smooth sailing & easy times now, brace yourself. It will change soon. The only thing you can be certain of is change.” ~James Dobson: Life on the Edge: The Next Generation’s Guide To A Meaningful Life

Ahoy mates! How was your week? I hope it was good. Today I’m taking you to the shores of  Coos Bay/North Bend for a Festival of Sail & where I recently enjoyed a day of sailing. come on let’s go!


I thought it would be nice to sit back, relax, put our feet up and take it easy for a while.. Perhaps you have gone sailing before. When I lived in California I frequently took the small boat cruise to Catalina. However it’s been years since I have gone sailing.

I made sure that we have a crew that knows what they’re doing. So we can have fun and chat.


The Festival of  Sail has taken over what use to be known as the Tall Ship Days, a long time tradition here on the coast.

The ships sail in blasting their cannons and creating quite a spectacular entrance into the bay.

Being an adventurer at heart I jumped at the opportunity to take part in this fun  day at sea.

After a brief tour of the other ships I boarded the Freda B. A gaff schooner known for their grace and elegance, inspiring artists, poets and sailors for almost two centuries.


Before being Christened as Freda B the schooner was known as Liberty and sailed the Atlantic for 18 years before the transit from Miami, Florida to Sausalito, California to get it’s new home port.


This was a great day adventure, and ironically it felt like a mini vacation.


I’m convinced that when you can get away without really going too far away…it’s a win, win!

btw…how’s your month going?

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And Then It’s Summer


“The wisdom of a learned man {or woman} cometh by opportunity or leisure…” ~ Ecclesiasticus 38: 24-25

For many of us Memorial Day weekend marks when the summer season officially begins.

Case in point this past weekend I was able to fire up the grill and host our first barbeque for the season.

It was an enjoyable afternoon with family, friends and neighbors. Relaxing fun and of course at best a reminder of what summer is really all about. Leisure A time for slowing down and taking life easier.

Summertime tells us to ease up on the stresses of everyday and enjoy the moments within the day just a little more.

A time which allows us the opportunity to balance life.

When I was still teaching and life was more hectic

I longed for summer leisure

And even though I’m now retired (btw 6 years this month!)  living on the coast, leisure is still important.

Leisure includes reading, going on walks, gardening, working on improvements around the home.

These leisurely activities add luxury to life.

Many people plan getaways from the hustle and bustle of life. vacations However, vacations often are scheduled time in which you might not necessarily get a lot of leisurely opportunities.

In many ways living on the coast lends itself to a vacation like feeling all year.

There tends to be a laid back feeling and a calling to take life slower. The summer gently reminds us to take out our go slower mentality & wear each moment of the day with fun and doing what we love. So while preparing for that first summer barbeque or busily whipping up a delicious potato salad I hope you find time in the weeks ahead and moments each day to find a quieter, more peaceful side. leisure

Happy June!


At the barbeque this past weekend one of our friends raved about my potato salad. I had to smile because it was my go to super easy and basic recipe. Here it is!

Marcia’s Red Potato Salad


4 large red potatoes, cooked & diced

1 cup mayonnaise (real mayo)

1/4 cup vinegar

2-3 celery stalks sliced/diced

3-4 hard boiled eggs sliced/diced

salt/pepper to taste


  1. Toss vinegar, salt/pepper with potatoes. Marinate 1/2 hour. Mix mayonnaise, celery, and eggs until well blended. Add to the potatoes & chill until ready to serve. Voila!


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