Hooked On Houses

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

Mr. Rogers

Finishing up my morning walk…

Hello, how was your week?

Blue hydrangeas say “welcome”

You are in for a special treat today…

Come stay awhile…

Recently a friend of mine invited me to see her friend’s

home and garden…

I thought I’d take you along on this beautiful summer day…

Built in 1900…

this Craftsman Bungalow


oozes with charm inside and out.

The owner has an eye for decorating…

and has gone with a beach theme…


One of my favorite rooms was the kitchen…

everything was so inviting and cozy…

Original kitchen island

I wanted to put an apron on and start baking

Hand painted stairway

The upstairs has a Christmas theme…

which is kept up throughout the year

a mural of the lighthouse painted by owner


I couldn’t decide what I loved most of all…

the inside or the outside…

where there was a specially painted fairy garden fence…

The sweetest neighborhood

and little homes nestled among the garden…

Thank you Diana for sharing your beautiful home & garden!

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How To Have A Well Behaved Cat

In a world where you can be anything be kind.


Hello, sweet friends…

I’m all finished painting the cottage wicker furniture!

and now I’m ready to go PLAY…which includes an evening of cards with my girlfriends. Yippee!  Here is a playful re-edited post I chose for just for you. I hope it makes you smile…and perhaps a little happy too.


How To Have a Well Behaved Cat

By Marcia Ren

Original post was published on WordPress

August 25, 2016


Well I bet you were p.u.r.r.r.haps just a little surprised by today’s post title. P.u.r.r.r.haps not. I  hope you don’t expect a huge dissertation or anything.


I’ve recently learned it’s quite simple how to have a p.u.r.r.r.fectly well behaved cat.

Of course you are familiar with Darjeeling our feline mademoiselle. ‘Qui???’ ‘no???’


“I’m easy”….Darjeeling♡ and so you must know she is the smartest sweetest cat.


However, a few months back it was brought to my attention she had been putting on weight.


It must be all the easy coastal living.


So very consciously a behavior modification was put into action.


Administering smaller portions of food…


and making sure that she ate only her food.


At first she did not particularly enjoy this new gourmet regimen.


and… often meowed long and loud to let it be known.


like any loving form of self discipline to be effective… she it needed to be consistent.


As time passed…she realized that this was as good as it would get.


It appeared as if she became smarter more affectionate…and loving.


Because of her wonderful behavior I rewarded her with small treats.


Unbeknownst to me she also began working her new behavior on my husband.


Who also began rewarding her new behavior with small treats. (The trick here is working as a team) After months of her supposed diet I recently took her to the vet who announced to me that she actually GAINED weight.

Darjeeling smiled…


Mackenzie August 9, 2019

Mackenzie…who has now become the new Queen💕

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A Summer TeA PaRtY…♡


“Life is like a cup of tea, it’s all in how you make it.”

Hello, sweet friend…


I hope you are enjoying these summer re-edited posts…I’m certainly enjoying going through the archives and finding just the perfect one to share with you.  Today’s post is from July 2014…

I was still living in my charming cottage in Southern California where these tea parties had been hosted. I hope after reading today’s post you might be inspired and perhaps even decide to invite a few friends over for an afternoon tea…before the summer comes to an end.

Happy August!



Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

Happy Friday…

How was your week?

I hope all is well…

Unless you are new here…(and welcome if this is your first visit)

you are aware…

I enjoy hosting little gatherings…

mostly tea parties.

I am not really sure how I got started in hosting… since I didn’t begin doing any real “cooking” until a little later in life. Many years ago over 20 I had been invited to my first tea party…and I was hooked from that moment on…

and magically became the tea lady…

hosting teas for many people~ business executives…book-club ladies…bridal showers…birthdays…bible studies…fundraisers… and just for fun!

 I enjoy the whole process of planning a tea party, from beginning to end.

Planning the theme, guests, decor, music…

and most of all the food.

Many people have told me that I should open a tearoom. Oh no... That would be work…I just enjoy playing. ( smile) from beginning to end.  I do love hospitality…

But even if you don’t care for tea…if you prefer coffee or cocoa….. or if you like chunky mugs better than delicate china…

or…if you find the idea of a traditional tea overly formal…  perhaps even a bit intimidating…no worries…there is still room for you at the tea table.

 I have found that few can resist a tea party when it is served with the right spirit.

You see,  it’s not the tea itself that speaks to the soul with such a satisfying message.

It’s the spirit of the gathering.

It’s what happens when people make a place in their life for the rituals of sharing.

It’s what happens when we bother with the little extras that feed the soul and nurture the senses…allowing time for unhurried conversation.

And, when that happens, it doesn’t really matter what fills the cups or holds the liquid.  It really isn’t the tea. It’s the spirit of the tea party.




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The Coos County Fair & Rodeo


“Choose joy”

Hello, sweet friend…

Lemonade, laughter, and the season for a “Barn Full of Fun” at the Coos County Fair and Rodeo…Let’s go!


Below is re-edited post from July 2016


The corn is knee high…zucchini is growing like crazy…and the hay bales are stacked in the barn.


I’ve always enjoyed county fairs. I remember loving them as a young girl growing up in California.


The L.A. County Fair was HUGE. And, then there was the Orange County Fair on the OC fairgrounds.


However, experiencing the Coos County Fair was such a wonderful small town experience which reminded me of why I love attending them.


Fairs unite people.


Friends and neighbors come together for a few days of carnival rides, competitions, food, and sheer Americana fun.




They represent the very best of farming heritage and tradition, and honor the years of hard work  and dedication that developed the towns and farms of the county.




Mostly they honor the rural way of life.




I enjoyed perusing the isles of countless exhibits made by the 4-H members, sketches created by elementary children, photograph exhibits, rows of vegetables, flowers, quilts…


jams, jellies, and a dazzling array of baked goods.




Each lovingly created with the hope of winning a ribbon, or two.


I know first hand that passion and effort  goes into each creation.


I’m proud to say that I entered the apple pie contest!


 It might sound corny (no pun intended) however, I’m always heartwarmed by the feeling of family and friends being together.


The fair is the farm family’s equivalent of kicking up their heels and having a good time.


How can you not…

Hanging out with friends, eating pizza, hot dogs  and apple pie for supper!

Here’s a little video introducing you to a few new friends. They are so cute!

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Enjoying The Summer…2019



“Little by little, day by day, what is meant for you WILL find its way.”-anonymous 


Hello, sweet friend…I’m just finishing a wonderful walk on the beach. The summer weather has been magnificent & I am relishing e.v.e.r.y  s.i.n.g.l.e moment. 

That being said I am using the summer as a down time to share and repost my favorite stories since moving from Southern California 4 years ago. (I can’t even believe it has been this long!) I know many of you are new readers to my blog and perhaps would enjoy these early adjustment to a new life posts.



This is the original post which was published on WordPress July 21, 2015



this first week has been fun, challenging…

surprising…and wonderful!


It’s been fun because everything is new.  And, I’m realizing that trying something new, can be exciting, and a very good thing.



With that being said…

I’m super glad that we decided to make this move before we got any older when we did. (grin)


Because…it takes a willingness to begin again…there are so many things to re-learn. Some are rather simple…like where the light switches are… on second thought that is rather tricky too. (grin)



We don’t mind…and aren’t planning on any major remodels…only a few improvements…replacing the windows (needed) new flooring… refurbishing the  fence by planting beautiful shrubs called escallonia. Other than that… we love everything just as it is.  With just a little TLC,  it will be quirky perfect.

20150719_200251-1 so anyway…I’ve had a great week. My kids are adjusting very well. Earl, and Teah have come alive again, and enjoy their new space.




 Darjeeling has really come into her own here. She has totally bloomed. I had been so concerned about the move. Believe it or not, she’s adjusted better than us she was out of her crate the next day, and wandering around our property the day after that. Cami of course is happy wherever we are.





And, my husband is so happy. He loves our sweet cottage…adores being surrounded by the trees… ocean…occasionally he even gets to see them. 😂


As for myself… I’m taking each day as it comes…forever grateful that we took this adventure, risk, and soulful journey in life. I’m humbled in many ways. It’s difficult to even compare where we live now, to where we lived before in Southern California.


Our beach cottage is half the size, sits on a smaller lot, and is situated on a very non-ostentatious, very laid back, “beachy” sort of street, with similar small homes/cottages… quite different than where we moved from.


I now walk a mile or two, and as I wander I often feel as if I own the entire landscape around me, including the white clouds nestling around the nearby ocean.


At these times I know I’m the luckiest gal around.

Until next time…

Safe travels my friend…


(the video below was filmed on the first weekend I moved to the Oregon Coast. Forgive me for being so Chatty😉 I was just so excited!)

2015-07-21 18.34.41

I’m still very much a beginner with my new website. Learning a new blogging format in the middle of a move was sort of, kind of, well lets face it….a little crazy! Thank goodness, I don’t give up easily.


I have always been obsessed with salmon. And, now that I am living on the Oregon coast….Well…what can I say. ..so here’s my recipe for you. (grin)


Simple Salmon Salad

* 1/2 lb cooked salmon, flaked (I used left over salmon I had in the fridge)

* 1 heaping teaspoon light mayo (more if you like mayo)

* squeeze of lemon

* big pinch of salt and pepper (or lemon pepper if you prefer)

* 1 celery stalk, chopped small

* 1 teaspoon chives, chopped


1. Add your leftover flaked salmon to a bowl. Season with salt, pepper (or lemon pepper), mayo and a splash of fresh squeezed lemon. Add chopped celery and chives and combine well.

2. Serve on whole grain bread, pita, or crackers. (I used sourdough, because that’s what I had)…or just have it on it’s own…I sometimes do that too!


Below is a current video I made this past week…July 2019 (4 years later) It just happened to be the most beautiful day ever…of course I had to share it with you.❤️

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