WhAt CoLoR ArE YoU? ♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

Happy July 1St! Yesterday, I picked up tickets for a 4 th of July event my husband and I try to attend every year. Good food, fun, games,  and FiReWoRks. YIPPEE! I love ReD, WhiTe, and BlUe!

 And, if there’s a chance your thinking of changing the color of your front door this summer. It might be  fun to consider what some of the symbolism, and beliefs associated with colors are.  I love looking at doors. Especially, front doors… because they provide your guests with the first “HelloandWelcome” into your home.♡

BLUE- represents the elements of nature like sky and water. It also represents abundance and gives a sense of peace. Blue is a popular choice as it is thought to bring lots of positive energy into a space.

PURPLE- surprisingly this is a very popular color for front doors. It symbolizes energy and is thought to invite many opportunities into you home.  Purple represents good health, royalty, and success.

GREEN-is the color of renewal and wealth. it represents balance, peace, compassion, growth, and harmony.

YELLOW- this color is considered a happy color, representing wisdom, confidence, curiosity, humor, and merriment. It is also thought to evoke mental clarity, focus, perception, and understanding.

RED- This color is one of the most popular color choices for front doors. Not only is it eye-catching, but a red front door is considered welcoming and inviting.

BLACK- this color demands attention and projects sophistication, authority, strength, and power. While it may be a standout color, it works well with nearly every style of HoMe.

WHITE- this color is a classic, clean color for front doors-especially when it comes to cottages. Throughout history, white has represented purity, virtue, and serenity.

Our Cottage home has four doors.

This is the door you see from the front.

 However, this is the door that “most” everyone enters in, and is a dutch door.

This door is in the back of our home, and is also a dutch door. Dutch doors are divided horizontally so that the upper and lower parts can operate independently of each other. In the farmhouse, these doors were often found in the front or back doorway.

 Opening the top of the door would air out the house while maintaining a certain level of privacy and keeping out unwanted critters.

Lastly,  is the door to our guestroom. These are French doors.

I love this door. Two doors, speaks “Welcome” times two.

Well, dear reader what do you think… Are you inspired enough to create a change of color….

I certainly am. I am always open to more positive energy, good health, compassion, wisdom, hospitality, strength, and serenity. (wink)

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed your visit. Have a lovely day.



Open the door and come on in. I’m so glad to see you my friend. Your like a stranger coming around the bend. And, when I see you smiling, it sets my heart free. I’d like to be as good of a friend, as you are to me.~ Judy Collins (and Marcia)

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