Reflections on Mother’s Day




                      “It is the wise mother…who gives her child roots and wings.”



   With Mother’s Day just around the corner I’m stirred by the memories they conjure up.


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 It has been 7 years since I retired from teaching elementary school. And, almost every year beginning with the first until the thirtieth my class would celebrate Mother’s Day with a Mother’s Day Tea.

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The children would make special cards and set their desks like a fancy table. The tables were set with a plate of cookies, and a cup of tea. The mothers all enjoyed it.  There were years when some of the children’s mom’s weren’t able to attend. Perhaps, the child was living in a foster home, or the mom couldn’t get off work, or something.


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In those times I’d fill in as mom. And, it was during those occasions I’d be reminded how very important our mothers were, and what a strong desire we have as children to love and be loved by them.


I was very fortunate to have grown up with an exceptional mother. Her name was Olga. And, as you can see from the photo… Olga was quite a beauty.



I believe these photos were taken sometime in the early 1940’s. Olga was still in her teens. And,  even though Olga was married at a very young age, (19) I’m fairly sure she wasnt married yet.


I am really loving those shoes!
Wow...and Olga was quite the Fashionista too.



I love these photos for several reasons. Primarily, because they show the true adventurous spirt of this amazing woman.


Naturally,  the memories I have of this wonderful Lady, were that as my mother.  A woman of “unconditional” love, and who had the Graciousness of a Queen. However, I also love these particular photos because they show my mother at an age that I never knew her at. Before marriage, children, and the life she chose to live as a wife, and mother extraordinaire.  Today, I’d like to celebrate, and honor that young girl, her hopes, dreams, sense for adventure, and all the JOY she brought into this world.



And, for you dear reader I wish you a blessed Mothers Day. A greeting  in which you experience all the beauty, love, and joy around you.  Oh, and of course lets remember to throw in a little adventure. 

   Tangerine Tea

4 tangerine slices*

12 whole cloves

4 sticks of cinnamon  

2 tablespoons of sugar

4 cups orange pekoe tea brewed with the rind of one tangerine.  

Stud each slice of tangerine with 3 cloves. Now place a tangerine slice, a cinnamon stick, and 1 1/2 teaspoons sugar in each cup. Fill with hot tea from the pot. Serve, using the cinnamon stick to stir the tea.

Makes 4 cups.

*orange slices could also be used.                                                                     



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  1. Nancy says:

    Have a truly wonderful weekend.

  2. Jane says:

    Enjoyed your posting… We both and I know many of us were blessed with wonderful mother’s…. Happy Mother’s Day!!! Enjoyed your sharing your beautiful Mother with us….

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