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A Return to Copper Goose Nursery

  Hi! How’s your weekend going? I thought I’d pop in and share a recent visit I took to a wonderful nursery here on the Oregon Coast. I invited a couple of friends to join me, since they hadn’t been there before. The nursery is called Copper Goose, and is located in Coquille off Hwy 42 South. Here you will find a variety of beautiful plants, flowers, shrubs, and vegetables to choose from. Their hanging baskets are gorgeous, and you can make and take one during your visit. The owner is Mary, and she and her staff are very helpful regarding any gardening questions you might have. Being that I’m still a newbie on the coast it’s very comforting to meet people who are familiar with what will grow best in the area. After all I am working on creating a beautiful cottage garden! See Ya! Here’s a post from … Continue reading

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The Garden Lady

I’m thinking that the first women’s group I ever joined was in second grade. The group was called Bluebirds. I loved that little group. I can’t remember why I wasn’t in it for very long.  Anyway since then, there have been a variety of women’s groups I’ve participated in.  The groups vary, just as the women I’ve met who participated in them. The range being from down to earth groups, to more privileged clubs. And have included everything in between. I enjoy women’s friendships very much, and know from personal experience that these friendships have helped me grow. Recently I met an amazing lady. I refer to her as my Garden Lady friend. The Garden Lady is inspiring. Weighing little more than perhaps a hummingbird. (metaphorically speaking…grin) Her diminutive size is deceiving however. And, similar to the sweet hummingbird has little to do with how she seems to float effortlessly through what I’d consider hard work. One … Continue reading

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A Mini GaRdEn Tour….♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. ♡ Shall we have a little tea. .,♡ I thought it might be nice to take you on a mini garden walking tour…. It’s pretty quiet this morning,  and I’ve been doing some watering. I was hoping to show you how the Cottage garden is coming along. ♡Let me move this hose so we BoTh don’t trip.♡ One of the roses is BlOoMiNg just for                                                      you…♡ And of course a Royal wave. …..♡ There is a brick pathway throughout the front. The bricks were hand laid by the previous owner,  and her two young sons. I think they were 9, and 11 at the time. What a sweet memory. ♡ … Continue reading

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