Somethings got to give. …♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. How was your weekend? Did you something special. ..I sure hope so!

I had a deliciously fun weekend. Did I ever share with you that I LOVE going to the ocean during the off season. ..♡ shhh… Can you keep a secret? Sometimes we sneak one of our little furry kids too.♡

Over the weekend my husband and I had a nice little getaway. What a wonderful day we had… prefect weather…Ocean breezes, and the sound of sweet happy waves. ♡

This is my super wide brim hat… It protects me in a very lovely way.♡ Have I told you that I LOVE to wear hats? Well I do.♡ I only have a few now. .. and they are always ready for a quick mini road trip to……….SANTA BARBARA!

Back in the days when we had only two furry kids, it was quite easy to pack up and get away for the weekend. It’s not so easy with four. But we decided to be adventurers for a day. We took Cami,  and had a friend come and check in on the others later on in the day. When you have four furry kids, and to take a spontaneous mini trip…. well. .. somethings got to give! (Grin)

I chose the perfect little outfit for little Cami.  This is her first mini road trip.♡Please don’t feel bad for Teah and Earl.  They have been to Santa Barbara a billion times… and have a little stomach flu.(sad) Our cat Darjeeling doesn’t travel well at all. Our animals are like kids,  and we always have to plan for their well being.
Santa Barbara is only a two in a half hour drive. .. Not too far for a mini getaway day trip. YIPPEE!

I love Chile Relleno burritos. Have you ever eaten at Lito’s Mexican restaurant? Oh! my goodness, it’s the perfect little take out place. Super fun and very laid back. Can’t you just smell the ocean air. …breathe…..

And right across the street is a nice walking path  Perhaps we might walk off ALL the food we just enjoyed. ♡

This is State Street. There’s such a variety of fun shops.  The Anthropologie store is SO amazing.

Their window displays are over the top inspiring. The one above is for Valentines Day.  A flowing dress. .. surrounded by fluttering doves. They made the flying doves out of paper.
They have a great SALE section.  I finally got to use my gift card. (happy dance) There’s a Starbucks right around the corner,  and that’s where my adorable sweet Joe is… patiently waiting for me.

Of course my all time fave shop is Rooms and Gardens.  It’s a good thing that I’m working on being a minimalist because I would just about want to buy EVERYTHING in this adorable place. The picture above is in the back of their shop. .. guess what that little building is….ok I’ll tell you it’s a CHICKEN COOP. I want one! Of course not for chickens but for me! This looks like a perfect little Marcia’s Cottage Playhouse. (Big smile) I would have to hang a sign that reads “no chickens allowed”

Before we knew it our day was coming to an end,  and we needed to get back on the road.
Our sweet babies will be asleep by the time we arrive home.♡ I’m wondering if you ever take mini road trips too my friend. ..I sure hope so. I think taking a mini trip is as good as it gets!(Sweet grin)
Our drive home was beautiful..I lOVE the ocean air… But Oddly all I kept thinking about were these darling little roosters I’d seen earlier at Rooms and Gardens. ..

Perhaps there’s another mini road trip planned in my VERY near future. ..(Big smile) I sure hope so!

Thank you for traveling with me today. I hope you had fun, and special weekend to. Have a safe and lovely day.

Xoxo. ..


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