Opening Night For Cami


“If they could see me now that little gang of mine, I’m eating fancy chow and drinking fancy wine. I’d like those stumble bums to see for a fact the kind of top drawer, first rate chums I attract.” ~Sweet Charity

Hello, sweet friend…I hope you had a wonderful week. Recently I met Mackenzie’s (our cat) previous owner and found out that MacKenzie is close to 20 years old! I had no idea…I’m wondering if I should change his name to Sylvester with the hope of another theatrical opportunity…that being said I thought I’d share a previous post about another one of our fabulous furry kids who just might be my real claim to fame. (Just kidding) 



Re-edited post from August 2017


Hi, I hope you had a good week. I’ve had a fun, exciting & most definitely all consuming week. A wonderful community theatre here on the coast has been preparing for the production of  The Wizard of Oz  read more and opening night has arrived! my first time as a stage mom

This post will be a little rushed since more than likely as you read I will beind those curtains backstage with Cami. (Cheering her on for 12 performances)

That being said  I can’t help reflect back to a time when this cute-furry child first arrived at our home in California.

A few of the neighborhood children had brought her over one Sunday afternoon all dirty and scruffy inquiring if she were one of our dogs.

I remember that day as if it were only yesterday.

I looked at the little doggie and replied “no she isn’t one of ours…(and without even a pause) however we would be more than happy to take her if there isn’t any luck finding her owner”

I felt  my husband’s shocked surprised look.

Perhaps in that moment I saw what a sweet spirit she had. Star quality

Before the day was over she was ours.

We named her Cami. She cleans up well 

 A Maltese mix. Tiny and mighty

sweet and smart

loving and devoted.

Who would have imagined six years later that a once scruffy homeless little abandoned dog on a Sunday afternoon…

 would one day be making her big debut here on the beautiful Oregon coast portraying Toto a scruffy beloved farm dog.💕




Happy weekend sweet friends🏡 

Here is a little clip as we are leaving home for debut.🚗

Oh, and one more thing before I go Just in case you too have a furry kid who might be of star quality aren’t they all it’s important to stay really healthy as their stage mom/caregiver Here’s a great breakfast that keeps me going strong. It’s one of my faves. Easy smeasy!

Marcia’s Stage mom breakfast


1 english muffin

2 eggs

1/4 cup cheddar cheese

dab of butter

sprinkle of salt/pepper

julienne tomatoes (optional)


Pour about one tablespoon olive oil on pan and heat.

Cook eggs according to your liking.

( I prefer mine well done) Melt cheese on egg.

Apply butter to muffin and heat on pan.

 Place eggs on muffin to form sandwich. Serve warm.

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9 Responses to Opening Night For Cami

  1. Joe says:

    Oh, my! How wonderful for you and Cami.
    As they say, “Break a leg!”
    The breakfast looks marvelous!

  2. Becky Yohonn says:

    One little lost angel who found a beautiful couple to love and care for her. And now a star, oh, how I wish I could watch her performances!! Lucky Ducky Puppy!

    • Marcia Ren says:

      Dear Becky,
      One little angel indeed. I’ll always remember how you came over with your bag of tricks & clipped Cami’s nails, bathed her and then trimmed get hair. You remember what she looked like. My main goal was to make her feel safe & loved. I never really taught her any commands either. Actually she is so smart & a natural on stage. Lives people and u so wish you could see her now. Xo

  3. Jane says:

    Happy Monday Marcia!
    Oh, a star is born!!!! First, by being adopted by such a loving and caring family – a blessing for all of you!! St. Francis smiling as you adopted one of his little lost creatures! A double whammy or along with your husband a triple one!!!
    I so enjoyed the photos of Cami as Toto…. how was opening night? I am sure she was the star of the production – how could she not be? I bet there were alot of ohhs and ahhs when she came out in our little picnic basket… You never thought that your would be a stage mother…. How fun for all of you… I don’t think she never did get that scruffy look that was needed… she is much too posh!!!
    I wanted to get back to you about Buttercup Cottage which too was my very favorite Tea House! Wasn’t it just precious with its yellow paint and white picket fence? I loved the white gate that had tea cup cut outs on top of it…. I loved Tamara and her mother Janette… they were so dear. I spent a great deal of time there…so fun!!! When they were closing they asked me if I would be interested in purchasing it since I loved it so much but that was when the recession was just starting and I knew that for some discretionary income was out the door… I think I made the right decision… I do pine for those days…. I love Orange Circle and love spending days there… Watson’s you know was sold and has been renovated and it is really quite nice… in fact the food is delicious…so now I scoot over to Watson’s instead of our beloved Buttercup Cottage….
    Thank you for your latest recipe…. I too like my eggs very well done…. yummy!!!
    Well, sweet friend a pet to Cami and Darjeeling –
    Blessings and XO

    • Marcia Ren says:

      Good Morning Jane,
      Opening night was great. When Toto (aka Cami) appears on stage the audience always is in awe. She is a little star for sure. Thank you for all your complements. It was easy to adopt her because she was just a little bundle of sweetness from the beginning. What surprised me is that she can be out on stage with the noise of the music and cast and still feel very calm around others. And of course she is a scruffy chic farm dog. Now more about the adorable Buttercup Cottage. I’m not surprised that the owner asked you if you’d be interested in taking over. Sounds like you would have been perfect as proprietor. Unfortunately it was a difficult time for many. I wonder if you and I were ever having tea at the same time & our paths crossed back thenIronically it was also the time of Cami’s arrival (aftermath of recession)in our neighborhood on Rumsey Dr. in California. I believe someone had dropped her off on our street hoping for a rescue. Their loss our gainShe has become my little furry child companion who goes everywhere with me. Recoperating from last nights evening performance she is cuddled under a blanket of furry covers (while I sip tea and chat with you) resting for her 2:00 matinee performance. An actress life indeed. Which reminds me as her stage mom I better get going and take her for that bike ride on the bluff. Take care sweet Jane. Xo

  4. Jenny Bonynge says:

    How fun for you both!

    • Marcia Ren says:

      Hi Jenny!
      Yes performing in this community theatre has been an awesome experience. I’ve enjoyed every single moment. Just between us Cami is the star of the show.there is still one more week if you need to get out of the city for a drive to the coast.xo

  5. Joe says:

    Wow! So many stars in one family!
    You have ‘mothered’ some wonderful talent!
    Maybe the breakfasts helped.

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