ThE FaBuLoUs FoUr….Th..♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

Happy August 1st! Any plans for the weekend? Well. ...I must admit, I’m feeling rather British….*wink

I loved Mrs. Cunningham. She was my 4th grade teacher.

One of my favorite grades in school. And, she was definitely my favorite teacher. On Friday afternoons she’d let us listen to the Beatles music.

I wonder if she knew then, that by doing so….she was teaching her class how to live a better life. Well, kind of sort of. I call it Music appreciation 101. It’s where I became a fan of music, and the Arts.

Hmmmm… Let’s see, I was probably somewhere around 9 years old. And, if my 9 year old self could go back in time to give advice to myself…..

I know I’d warn little Marcia not eat so much sugar, to learn a foreign language or two…and of course to always remember to stay true to herself, and never be afraid to sing, and dance. That those things would come in handy in her later years.”Huh?” She’d say, “In my what?” (grin) I wonder where Mrs. Cunningham is today. Who knows maybe now she’s in the Marcia’s Cottage fan club!  Well, anyway it’s amazing how music moves us.

Music is like a soundtrack for our life. My first soundtrack was heard in that 4th grade classroom. I know this wonderful teacher opened the doors to her darling students future when she let us listen to the Beatles on those special Friday afternoons.

Here are some Fab Four song titles. Which, btw... just might make a fabulous soundtrack for living…♡

The Long and Winding Road

Eight Days a Week


 I Get by With a Little Help From My Friends/All You Need is Love

 I’ll Follow The Sun.

                          I tend to follow my heart….

                                                 and …              

                                                         of course…
                                                             I’m curious what your soundtrack might be….

                                                                     Enjoy your weekend




                                             I see my life in terms of music.~Albert Einstein

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