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ThRoWbAcK…..ThE BeSt of JoY….♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. ♡ Shall we have a little tea. .♡ Happy Thursday! Today,  is a Special day  at “Marcia’s Cottage “. I am celebrating six months of blogging. ♡ And, if you have a second, (grin) I’d love to tell you how it ALL came about. ♡ Well, okay…..perhaps,  it will take more than a few seconds. …♡(grin) On November 1, 2013  I decided to start a blog. It is quite odd actually.  I was waiting for my car to be serviced at a local dealership.  While I was there,  I wrote a little something, and published it. Honestly,  I had ZERO plans. … Other than I wanted to share about ALL the things I love. And the things I love are my Home, Family, Friends, Animals, Gardening,  Hosting Tea parties, and my Creator….. well, before I knew … Continue reading

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Below is a re~edited post. I wrote it before my move to the Oregon coast, where I’m currently experiencing the beauty of yet another Season. 🕊 Hello,  welcome to Marcia’s Cottage.  I’m so happy you stopped by. Its hard to believe that this is the third Sunday of Advent and that 2013 is coming to an end. ♡ It seems like it was just Summer and I was gardening: planting, seeding, pulling weeds, watering. .. This is my little rose garden. … on a VERY hot summer day. ♡ Well. .. actually dear friend it seems like it was just Spring, and I was planting a gorgeous little cottage garden. ♡ What do you think. .. Has time been flying by for you too? I had planted zucchinis and bell peppers, then surrounded them with marigolds. These are Queen Anne roses. … Sorry you aren’t able to see them very … Continue reading

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OH! OH! OH! All About ME!

This post has been slightly re~edited from an original post dated December 6, 2013 Hello, welcome to Marcia’s cottage. I’m thrilled you stopped by today because I have some exciting news! Brrrrrrr……its freezing out here. Shall we go inside and have a cup of tea? Well, I have a great day planned.  My dear friend called earlier this week, and told me that the artist Mary Englebreit will be at a local gift shop today. My friend invited me to go and meet her… She knows I LOVE this artist! OH! OH! OH! “of course!” I said.            I have several ME decorating books. ~♡~ This is the first home I bought on my own. …♡It had a white Picket fence with hearts cut out in it. This is my second home! This is the same home as above. ..I Just wanted to show my cute little … Continue reading

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Autumn Rose. ..

I think the fall roses are always my favorite. Perhaps because they are richer in color their scents are stronger this time of year.  This is a climbing rose getting ready to bloom again.  It looks like it is floating through the air.  I Just love it. My favorites are Eden roses. What kind of roses do you like? Do you prefer scented? And what about your favorite color?  I hope you have a wonderful day my friend. .. And remember to take time to smell the Roses…    

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An Outfit For All Seasons

    Anyone who knows me knows I enjoy a little fashion. I use to own many closets filled with clothes, shoes, & accessories when I lived in California.  I’m proud to say that since moving to the coast I’m down to basically 2 very small beachy closets. I still love fashion, however I now am extremely careful what I purchase, & try to donate an item for each item I bring into the cottage. This is really important if you want to impress your friends dont want to end up with all this “stuff” you no longer need, use, or wear. I’m finding that a few items go a long way when you cleverly mix & match. Your friends will think you have soooo many clothes, and when you tell them no you don’t,  but that you’ve learned how to play the mix & match game… They will be soooo impressed!  

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