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I’m Being Followed By A Moonshadow

    Hey there! I thought I’d pop in to share a bit of my eclipse experience here on the Oregon coast. The Oregon islands are awesome. The huge rock is called Facerock. It looks like it is ready for eclipse viewing. The morning walk was so beautiful… that I lost track of time and needed to run back home and quickly make my Boy Scouts of America eclipse box! Next I dashed out to a local coffee shop where they were handing out free eclipse glasses and coffee. You can never be too prepared  There were quite a few people enjoying the moment. I met an adorable couple who were from Idaho.😎 I also ran into a few local friends. Then I hopped in my jeep and headed to the beach where I experienced viewing a partial eclipse.exciting! (and of course now I’m starving)🐳 How was it where you live? … Continue reading

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Opening Night For Cami

    “If they could see me now that little gang of mine, I’m eating fancy chow and drinking fancy wine. I’d like those stumble bums to see for a fact the kind of top drawer, first rate chums I attract.” ~Sweet Charity Hi, I hope you had a good week. I’ve had a fun, exciting & most definitely all consuming week. A wonderful community theatre here on the coast has been preparing for the production of  The Wizard of Oz  read more and opening night has arrived! my first time as a stage mom   This post will be a little rushed since more than likely as you read I will beind those curtains backstage with Cami. (Cheering her on for 12 performances) That being said  I can’t help reflect back to a time when this cute-furry child first arrived at our home in California. A few of the neighborhood children had … Continue reading

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There’s no place like home

  ”Home is a place we all must find, child. It’s not just a place where you eat or sleep. Home is knowing. Knowing your mind, knowing your heart, knowing your courage. If we know ourselves, we’re always home, anywhere.” ~Glenda the Good Witch  Hello my wonderful friends how was your week? The other day during a practice with Toto (aka Cami) I thought about a retreat in SoCal I had attended this last January  6 months ago and a question I returned home with. The question being “How am I going to get more grounded and rooted here on the Oregon coast?” my new home Retreats are good in the way they give you oppportunities to reflect  on the direction your life is going yellow brick road (have you ever attended one?) That being said I am happy to see that six months later & with just a tad bit of effort on my … Continue reading

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The Getaway

“Every change of scene becomes a delight.”~Seneca   The opportunity to appreciate, love, and enjoy what we have is a gift. For me this especially applies to my home. My home makes me come alive. It is my passion cottage garden With that said a change of scenery can be a good thing because it shifts how you see things. Mini adventures can set you on a new path and give you a fresh vantage point with your life and home.  I recently returned from a little getaway (not too far away) and just far enough to take a breather from all the little projects that (I tend to obsess about) keep calling out to me here at my cottage. Summers are wonderful on the Oregon coast. I think they might be my favorite time of year. With the mild temps I really long to stay put. I am charmed by the coziness of … Continue reading

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Come Sail Away With Me

“If your going through difficult times today, hold steady. It will change soon. If you are experiencing smooth sailing & easy times now, brace yourself. It will change soon. The only thing you can be certain of is change.” ~James Dobson: Life on the Edge: The Next Generation’s Guide To A Meaningful Life Ahoy mates! How was your week? I hope it was good. Today I’m taking you to the shores of  Coos Bay/North Bend for a Festival of Sail & where I recently enjoyed a day of sailing. come on let’s go! I thought it would be nice to sit back, relax, put our feet up and take it easy for a while.. Perhaps you have gone sailing before. When I lived in California I frequently took the small boat cruise to Catalina. However it’s been years since I have gone sailing. I made sure that we have a … Continue reading

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