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Just A Note

  “Follow your soul it knows the way” Hello! what’s new? Well…pull up a chair.   It’s Autumn, and there’s magic in the air. Trees are ablaze     sunlight glitters like golden coins.        I sometimes hear cheers from the local high school football stadium and school playing fields.   Children (and adults😉) anticipating Halloween with their creative ways of wearing costumes and the fun transformation come Halloween night.🎃     Here on the coast it often begins raining right about Halloween time and the tantalizing scent of wood smoke, pumpkin spice, apple crisp is a wonderful welcome.       For me this time of year means that I start experiencing a different kind of living here which includes…     frequenting a drive into the city to enjoy window displays inspired by the season then…   returning back to the coast and slowing down to enjoy … Continue reading

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Anniversary Of The Heart

  “Never regret a day in your life: good days give happiness, bad days give experience, worst days give lessons, and best days give memories. ~Anonymous   Joe and I got married on October 11, 2003.  We are celebrating 14 years this week. Our wedding was at the Mission Inn Riverside, California. There were 112 guests in attendance. It was a wonderful day.   I’ve been thinking about how quickly those years have traveled by.  Of course I’ve also been thinking about how fortunate I have been. Gratitude.  After an Italian honeymoon we returned to California where Joe & I purchased our first home together. It was a 1926 gardeners cottage known as The Honeymoon Cottage because of a young couple Yeager’s who lived there for a brief time after they married. The house was located on Rumsey Dr. in Riverside, California. It was a house that I had fallen in love with years earlier … Continue reading

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Eat, Paint, Garden

  “Just living is not enough” said the butterfly, “one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”~Hans Christian Anderson Welcome Hello my friend how are you? I hope today finds you well. 🍁Fall often gets me in the mood for cleaning things out.🍁 🍁it’s a change of season thing🍁 You know those cupboards that might need re-organizing… making room for delicious holiday baking. or… closets that out of nowhere have become bulging and full. of the un-used/unwanted This happens quite easily for me since I live in a small cottage with even smaller closets. (which trust me is a good thing)😉 Fortunately the weather here on the coast has been fabulous. summer in October So that cupboard… and sweet munchkin closet will just have to wait. (happy dance)     I’m pleased to share that my week has consisted mostly of gardening… planted three large pink hydrangeas shrubs painting… painted number 5 watercolor  and … Continue reading

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The Un-Bucket List

  “Once the choice is made to live according to our truth, the path that follows seems so logical as to make us wonder why we took so long to walk it.~Ruth Fishel I have an Un-Bucket list… (no jumping out of parachutes for this gal)  and unlike a Bucket List mine includes a simple list of things. Things I must experience daily   Things that perhaps someone else might consider a little odd.  (not you of course)😉 This list looks something like… #1. Create a beautiful life. #2. Do one thing a day (or week) that stretches me as a person. ( i.e. preparing a new recipe, trying out a new hobby, expressing myself in a creative way….art, dance, music, blogging😘 etc. Lately I’ve  been very mindful about this Un-Bucket List and have given some thought on… #1. Creating that beautiful life. Creating a beautiful life is a pretty easy thing to do (once you … Continue reading

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Elevating Everyday Life

  “Mindfulness is simply being aware of what is happening right now without wishing it were different. Enjoying the pleasant without holding on when it changes. (which it will) Being with the unpleasant without fearing it will always be this way. (which it won’t)~James Baraz   Three things occurred this week that stirred my little gentle soul. in a wonderful way 1. Joe retired. 2. A dear friend turned 86. and… 3. I had an aha moment. I recently enjoyed a scrumptious Italian dinner at a friend’s home in celebration of her 86th birthday. While experiencing the joy of sharing stories and memories with her family I had an aha moment. I was reminded how everyday life holds many special moments. This past week I experienced moments of time that I want to experience more deeply. The pleasure of wearing a new pair of earrings recently given by a friend from her summer travels🚗 … Continue reading

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