A week in ReView. ……♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. ♡ Shall we have a little tea. .♡

Yippee! It’s Saturday! Do you have anything fun planned for today? Can I share a little secret….♡ My husband is taking me on my first golf lesson!

I was wondering if you liked my Throwback Thursday post….♡ Sometimes it’s bittersweet to look back in time. What do you think? Of course Great memories are always fun to look back on. (It’s the not so good ones that we want to forget) Well, anyway it does feel SO good to get organized with ALL my photos in the process…♡Oh,  and BTW… just in case your week flew by. ..Here’s a little peek of my week in ReViEw.(grin)

Monday’s post was about a “Garden of Poetry Tour” that I had attended at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens.  And basically,  how InSpIrInG poetry is. I think it’s beautiful how SpOkEn words can create such RoMaNtiC images for us. No wonder there’s  so much PoEtRy in the SoNgS we love to listen to. Oh, and don’t forget, April is  National Poetry Month. A perfect time to write a little poem or two, of your own. ..♡

On Tuesday,  I mentioned how GaRdEnInG has brought many GrAcEs into my life. One, being the wonderful opportunity for me to learn the Art of slowing down, and learning patience through nature. Whether I’m on a GaRdEn ToUr, or just digging in the dirt…GaRdEnInG feeds my SoUl.

Oh, look….and there’s Mr. Rabbit! I introduced Mr. Rabbit on Wednesday. It appears like he is trying to find a way back inside our little CoTtaGe. ♡ Well, I just might have to let him in, and give him some more jellybeans.♡
Mr. Rabbit is such a wonderful InSpIrAtIoN for me when I’m planning Spring Tea Parties.♡

And I do have a few HoPpInG SpRiNg TeA PaRtIeS  going on this month. (Big smile) So I’m going to need Mr. Rabbit’s creativity, and inspiration for sure. ♡

Okay, Thursday was SO much fun! I did a Throwback Thursday post. We traveled back to 1973. I spoke about my VERY successful career as a high fashion model in NYC. Just kidding. (Model beautiful smile)

I really spoke about ALL my wonderful adventures traveling the world as a flight attendant. Ummm. .. Sorry, just kidding again. It is Saturday, and I’m in a light hearted, fun spirited mood.♡ After all, I’m going golfing today!
Let’s see what did I really post about. ….. Oh yes  I remember. I shared that I lOVED watching  “The Mary Tyler Moore show” I watched it while patiently waiting, and HoPpInG, oops, meant hoping,  for WoNdErFuL things to happen in my own life.♡

Which brings us to Friday. Actually, it brings us back to Monday again. (Sorry for the confusion) However, remember Monday was about PoEtRy, and the importance of listening to the SoNg of LiFe. This last week gently reminded me of the gift I’ve been given to listening to this SoNg. As I tended our little GaRdEn, ran errands,  prepared meals, and daily tidied up around the CoTtaGe. I felt such GrAtITuDe for the gift of learning the ART of HoMe. And how WoNdErFuL life is, in all its simplicity, and JoY.  ♡

I’m hoping you have a fabulous Saturday my friend. Wish me luck with my golfing. ♡ Thank you for visiting.

                                            Xoxo. …

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