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Postcards From Paris💋

  “The wisdom of a learned man {or woman} comes by opportunity of leisure…” -Ecclesiastes  38: 24-25   Hello… I hope you had a wonderful week!   Here are the cheese pastry puffs I shared with you in last weeks post. They were a huge success at my sweet little church’s Epiphany party. recipe         The inclement weather on the Oregon coast has not only  been a perfect opportunity for refreshing up the cottage…but for also refreshing my memory…     by going through my notes about our anniversary trip…there’s still so much to share with you! The Beginning✈️ here is…where we left off All good things must  come to an end…unfortunately such was the case regarding our stay at The Ritz…(waaaa!)     so after breakfast we were ready to depart.     We planned on taking a cab back to Hotel Eiffel Turenne where we had made … Continue reading

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My First Week of 2019

       “Life is not graded on how fast you can move through it but rather how much you can enjoy it”– Mary Carlomagno   Hi!   How has 2019 been going for you? so far…         Shortly following Christmas I began packing up the lights and trees…     By New Years’s Eve the bulk of Christmas had been stored away.     Feeling excited about the New Year…     I decided to freshen up the cottage changing the energy a bit… and with Joe’s help…     began moving the furniture around.     I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing…     or if I’d even like the end results…however I knew I had been bitten by the bug for a change.     That being said…     after moving e.v.e.r.y s.i.n.g.l.e peice of furniture around and to a new space…the … Continue reading

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