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Summer at The Cottage

      ”Home is where you lose the world and find yourself” ~Marcia       Hello…it’s wonderful to see you here today.         For the last couple of months I have made a conscious attempt to unplug from social media (summer break) as in checking my phone and being online constantly… mindless Internet surfing etc…do you ever feel that way?     It’s been a freeing experience. Definetely more time to enjoy the great outdoors…          photographing…painting…writing…summer reading…I’m currently enjoying Anne of Green Gables (remember Anne?) the loveable…impetuous…day dreaming orphan             I’ve even been doing some flower watching         Recently these beauties are of particular interest to me…as they peep through the fence     soon they will take over     There is no doubt bird watching has become my new go to social media. I’m constantly checking … Continue reading

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Summer and Mid Year Dreams

  “For every minute you are angry you lose 60 seconds of happiness.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson   Hi!, how are you? Somewhere in-between now and our last chat…     we have traveled into the halfway mark of 2018.       Another celebration of July 4th has come and gone.     A wonderful evening celebrating with neighbors and friends.     I’m so lucky!     Being aware of how quickly the year is passing…         I’ve been taking everything in…         precious moments of the months that have past…     Somehow I decided it was time for editing my closets. (organize, clean things out)…like an inner time clock                     a desire to change things around a bit.                 Change helps me refocus…live more intentionally. Maybe halfway … Continue reading

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